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Comparison of Vermeer D33x44 with Vermeer D36x50

The Vermeer D33x44 and the Vermeer D36x50 are both horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines designed and manufactured by Vermeer Corporation. Here is a comparison of their main specifications:

Engine Power:

  • Vermeer D33x44: 140 horsepower

  • Vermeer D36x50: 165 horsepower

Maximum Spindle Torque:

  • Vermeer D33x44: 10,500 ft-lb

  • Vermeer D36x50: 18,000 ft-lb

Maximum Thrust:

  • Vermeer D33x44: 33,000 lb

  • Vermeer D36x50: 36,000 lb

Maximum Pullback:

  • Vermeer D33x44: 33,000 lb

  • Vermeer D36x50: 36,000 lb

Rack and Pinion:

  • Vermeer D33x44: 10 feet

  • Vermeer D36x50: 15 feet


  • Vermeer D33x44: 294 inches (23.5 feet)

  • Vermeer D36x50: 357 inches (29.8 feet)


  • Vermeer D33x44: 92 inches (7.6 feet)

  • Vermeer D36x50: 96 inches (8 feet)


  • Vermeer D33x44: 110 inches (9.2 feet)

  • Vermeer D36x50: 112 inches (9.3 feet)


  • Vermeer D33x44: 22,500 lb

  • Vermeer D36x50: 30,000 lb

In summary, the Vermeer D36x50 has a more powerful engine, higher maximum spindle torque, and higher maximum thrust and pullback than the Vermeer D33x44. Additionally, the D36x50 has a longer rack and pinion system, greater overall length and width, slightly greater height, and higher weight. However, the D33x44 is slightly smaller and lighter than the D36x50, which may make it more maneuverable and easier to transport. Ultimately, the choice between these machines would depend on the specific requirements of a given project.

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