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Drive chucks

Drive chucks

Drive chucks are an integral component of any drilling operation, be it for Ditch Witch or Vermeer machines. They play a crucial role in transmitting rotational force from the drill rig to the drill string. This mechanical transmission is vital in the drilling process, as it helps in creating the borehole for various applications like utilities, oil and gas, or exploratory drilling.


Our company takes pride in offering an extensive range of high-quality drive chucks, each meticulously designed for specific Ditch Witch and Vermeer models. Here are some of the drive chucks we produce:


Drive Chuck D7 #200: Ideal for D7 drilling machines, it is precision engineered for maximum performance.


Drive Chuck D16 #250: Designed for the D16 drilling model, this chuck ensures efficient transmission of rotational force.


Drive Chuck D20 #400: Specially made for D20 drilling rigs, providing optimal force transmission for your drilling needs.


Drive Chuck JT920: Tailored for the JT920 drilling model, ensuring seamless drilling operation.


The list extends to our larger and more robust offerings:


Drive Chuck D50/100 3 1/2FS1 #800: Designed for the D50/100 model, this drive chuck is capable of withstanding heavy-duty drilling operations.


Drive Chuck JT4020M1 Body 440mm: Specifically engineered for the JT4020M1 model, this large drive chuck provides maximum durability and reliability for extensive drilling tasks.


Each of our drive chucks is designed with high standards of durability, reliability, and superior performance in mind. They are essential for your drilling operations, ensuring efficient and reliable force transmission, thus making your drilling operations smoother and more efficient. Browse through our selection today to find the perfect drive chuck for your drilling operations.

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