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Steering plate sand bit for Vermeer

Steering plate sand bit for Vermeer

Steering plate sand bits, specifically tailored for Vermeer horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines, serve a critical role in executing precise and efficient drilling operations in sandy and loose ground conditions.


Material & Manufacture:

Our steering plate sand bits are constructed from 1.7225 quenched and tempered steel, known for its superior toughness, tensile strength, and wear resistance. The quenching process involves heating the steel to a certain temperature and then rapidly cooling it, while tempering involves heating the quenched steel to a relatively low temperature to improve its ductility and reduce brittleness. This process of quenching and tempering results in a steel that has optimal hardness and toughness, a necessity for withstanding the abrasive forces experienced during HDD.


Design & Function:

The steering plate sand bit incorporates a cutting structure optimized for loose, sandy soil. The bit geometry and cutting structure are designed to maximize soil contact for efficient cutting and removal. The steering plate itself plays a crucial role in maintaining directional control. The angle and position of the plate can be manipulated to alter the course of the bore path, enabling precise navigation through diverse ground conditions.


Compatibility & Availability:

Our catalog includes steering plate sand bits designed for a wide range of Vermeer and Ditch Witch HDD models. We ensure a quick production lead time of 1-2 weeks from order placement. These parts are suitable for a variety of Vermeer models including D24 and D36, and Ditch Witch models such as JT2020, JT3020, JT4020, JT920, and AT100.


In addition to manufacturing new parts, we occasionally have used directional drills and other parts in stock. These pre-owned parts undergo rigorous inspection and testing to guarantee their reliability and performance, providing a cost-effective alternative for operators working within budget constraints.


Technical Guidance:

Choosing the right steering plate sand bit is an integral aspect of your drilling operation, particularly when drilling in sandy or loose soil conditions. It's essential to align your selection with your specific drill model, project requirements, and ground conditions. For this, we recommend referring to the manufacturer's specifications or consulting with our experienced team who can guide you through the selection process. Our commitment is to ensure that you have the optimal components that contribute to the efficiency and success of your HDD operations.

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