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Steering plates manual

Choosing the appropriate steering plate for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) involves a deeper technical analysis, which considers the following factors:

1. Geological Conditions: The first step in choosing the correct steering plate involves an understanding of the subsurface conditions. Types of soils or rocks and their hardness, fracturing or bedding characteristics, as well as groundwater conditions, can significantly influence the choice of a steering plate. Certain steering plates are specifically designed for optimal performance in particular ground conditions.

2. Borehole Diameter and Depth: These specifications directly influence the size and type of the steering plate. Larger bores or deeper drilling operations often necessitate a more robust and durable steering plate.

3. Steering Performance: The trajectory of the borehole, especially in terms of the curvature radius, impacts the steering plate selection. More aggressive steering requirements would demand a steering plate designed for higher responsiveness.

4. Downhole Pressure Conditions: Different steering plates can withstand varying levels of downhole pressures. High pressure may require a more robust steering plate.

5. Compatibility with Drilling Equipment: The steering plate must be compatible with the drill rig, drill pipe, and other HDD tools. Specifications like the joint type, diameter, and thread type must be congruent with the steering plate's specifications.

6. Drilling Fluid Compatibility: The type of drilling fluid can also influence the choice of a steering plate. Certain drilling fluids can affect the performance of the steering plate, especially with regard to steering efficiency and rate of penetration.

7. Manufacturer's Guidelines: Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for the best possible selection based on your specific drilling scenario.

It's important to note that field experience and technical support from the manufacturer or supplier can greatly assist in making the most suitable choice. And remember, regular inspection and maintenance of the steering plate are crucial to its longevity and optimal performance.

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