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Rotary drag bits

Rotary drag bits for the vertical drilling

These rotary drag bits are the superior for the speed drilling in medium and soft consolidated soil

Our engineers conducted very extensive research, including heavy duty testing, for purpose to obtain highest drilling penetration speed and lowest drill bit wearing solution. 

End user's benefits of rotary drag bits:

• Saving drilling operation costs by tripple advantage: fast drilling + extremely low wearing of the drill bits + really low price.

• Saving time of drilling due to the shorter duration of the drilling job.

• Saving fuel by doing much more efficient drilling in shorter period of time, spending less money for the gas and diesel.

• Very reliable tungsten carbide teeth fixation with minimal teeth loses during drilling jobs

Advantages of the rotary drag bits:

- Very fast delivery

- Better price than competitors can offer

- Tough abrasive resistant tungsten carbide materials used

- Made from HARDOX steel (not from weak cast steel or structural steel, which dominates the market today).

- The rotary drag bit is fully tested in heavy duty applications.

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