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Vermeer D36x50 spare parts

Parts for Vermeer D36x50 horizontal directional drilling

Vermeer directional drill parts for Vermer D36x50 drilling equipment:


Some of the common spare parts are the following:


Steering plate D36 sand bit 125mm

Steering plate D36 carbide inserts 125mm

Steering plate D36 with 20mm teeth 125mm

Steering plate D36 steep taper tuff 125mm 

Steering plate D36 super steep taper tuff 125mm

Steering plate D36 tuff bit 125mm

Saver sub D36/50 FS1 #650 body 200mm 
Saver sub D36/50 S2 FS1 #700 body 215mm

Starter rod D36 #650 - 2,125 LPT

Starter rod D36 #650 - QF#400

Starter rod D36 #650 - QF#460

Starter rod D36S2 #700 box - QF#460

Drive chuck D36/50 FS1 #650 
Drive chuck D36/50 S2 FS1 #700

Beacon housing 2 7/8 REG box (OD 88mm) D36 DCI

Trihawk housing 2 7/8 REG box - box (OD 88mm) DCI


Trihawk head I 2 7/8R pin 
Trihawk head II D36 2 7/8R pin 
Trihawk head V 2 7/8R pin 
Trihawk head 2 7/8R replacement cutter

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