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Why Tom Chose the Ditch Witch JT2020 Over Any Other Directional Drill

Tom is a veteran contractor who has been in the underground construction business for over 20 years. He has seen it all, from trenching to boring to directional drilling. He knows how to handle any challenge and deliver quality results for his clients.

But lately, he has been feeling the pressure of the competition. His old directional drill is slow, noisy and unreliable. It breaks down often and costs him a fortune in repairs and maintenance. He can’t keep up with the demand for faster and more efficient installations of cables, pipes and conduits. He is losing customers and money.

He needs a new directional drill that can boost his productivity and profitability. He needs a drill that can work in tight spaces, overcome any obstacle and perform longer and deeper installations. He needs a drill that can make his life easier and his business better.

He needs the Ditch Witch JT2020.

The JT2020 is the ultimate directional drill for any underground construction project. It has the highest ratio of power-to-size in its class, allowing it to do big jobs in small areas. It has a simple and intuitive control system that makes it easy to operate and steer. It has a durable and reliable drill pipe that can handle any soil condition. It has a low-maintenance design that saves time and money.

The JT2020 also has a large capacity pipe lubrication system that reduces friction and wear on the drill pipe. It has a high fluid flow that helps with boring and spoil removal. It has a powerful pull-back force of 20,000 pounds that can pull back any cable or pipe with ease. It also has a tethered remote control that gives the operator more flexibility and safety.

Tom decides to give the JT2020 a try. He contacts his local Ditch Witch dealer and arranges for a demo. He is impressed by the service and support he receives from the dealer. He is even more impressed by the performance of the JT2020.

He takes it to his next job site, where he needs to install a new water line under a busy street. He sets up the drill in minutes, using the two jacks at the rear of the unit to adjust the angle of entry. He uses the Subsite 750 tracker and sonde to locate and steer the drill head accurately and safely under the ground. He communicates with his crew via a wireless headset/microphone setup.

He starts drilling with confidence, using the clock reference system to guide the drill head in the desired direction. He rotates the drill as he pushes it forward, making it go straight or curved as needed. He watches the display on the remote control that mimics the locator display, showing him the depth, pitch and roll of the drill head.

He drills under the street without disturbing the surface, saving him time and money. He breaks into an access-hole that has already been dug ahead. He attaches a different head that widens the hole on the pull back. He pulls back the water line with ease, using all the power of the JT2020.

He finishes the job in record time and with minimal disruption. He is amazed by how easy and efficient the JT2020 is. He loves how it handles any challenge and delivers quality results. He decides to buy his own JT2020 from his local Ditch Witch dealer. He knows that he can trust the quality and service of Ditch Witch, the leader in underground construction equipment.

The JT2020 is more than just a drill. It’s a game-changer for Tom and his business. It’s the ultimate tool for any directional drilling challenge.

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