Collars for Vermeer and Ditch Witch

Collars for Vermeer and Ditch Witch

Collars for Vermeer and Ditch Witch quick connection.


Product range:


Collar 1,625 LPT 

Collar 1,625 LPT with teeth 

Collar 2,125 LPT 

Collar 2,125 LPT with teeth 


Collar QF#300/JT9 Hawkeye 

Collar QF#300/JT9 Hawkeye with teeth 

Collar QF#400/JT20 Hawkeye 

Collar QF#400/JT20 Hawkeye with teeth 

Collar QF#460/JT30 Hawkeye 

Collar QF#460/JT30 Hawkeye with teeth 


Collar JT5  

Collar JT922 

Collar JT922 with teeth 

Collar JT1220M1 

Collar JT1220M1 with teeth 

Collar JT2020M1 

Collar JT2020M1 with teeth 

Collar JT2720 EZ1

Collar JT2720M1 

Collar JT2720M1 with teeth 

Collar JT3020M1 

Collar JT3020M1 with teeth 

Collar JT4020M1 

Collar JT4020M1 with teeth 

Collar JT60

Collar JT100 


Products are made from 1.7225 quenched and tempered steel. Various Ditch Witch directional drill parts are available within 1-2 weeks after the order is made. We produce different Ditch Witch horizontal drills, Vermeer directional drill parts, Ditch Witch HDD, Ditch Witch parts for JT2020, JT3020, JT4020, JT920, AT100, Vermeer parts for Vermeer D24, Vermeer D36. Sometimes we have in stocks used directional drills and other Ditch Witch used parts.

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