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Fluted reamer (back reamer) 90-300 mm diameter with swivel (one piece version)

Fluted reamer (back reamer) 90-300 mm diameter with swivel (one piece version)

The Fluted Reamer represents a significant advancement in the realm of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) equipment. This reamer is designed with a diameter range of 90-300 mm, making it exceptionally versatile and suitable for various drilling applications.


A standout feature of this Fluted Reamer is its one-piece design with an integrated swivel. This innovative structure provides superior strength and durability, eliminating potential weak points associated with multi-component designs. The swivel design facilitates the efficient transfer of power from the drilling rig to the reamer, minimizing mechanical strain on the entire drilling assembly and ensuring consistent and efficient reaming operation.


The Fluted Reamer is ideal for soft to medium-hard soil conditions. The fluted structure offers multiple cutting edges that simultaneously cut and clear the soil, thus enhancing the speed and effectiveness of the reaming process. This design also assists in maintaining borehole stability by creating a smooth, cylindrical surface that reduces friction and resistance for subsequent pipe installation.


Compatibility with popular drilling rig models, including Ditch Witch models JT922, JT2020, JT3020, and JT4020, as well as Vermeer models D24x40, D36x50, and D50x100, is another attribute that distinguishes this Fluted Reamer. This compatibility ensures seamless integration into existing drilling setups, reducing the time and effort associated with equipment changes and adjustments.


The Fluted Reamer is a testament to our commitment to high standards of quality and performance. It is subjected to rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure reliable, high-performance operation under a wide range of drilling conditions.


Incorporating this Fluted Reamer into your HDD operation guarantees an effective and reliable reaming process, regardless of the directional drilling job at hand. It's an investment that promises to enhance productivity, minimize operational downtime, and deliver robust performance in various soil conditions.

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