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Fly cutters (reamers) with and without swivel

Fly cutters (reamers) with and without swivel

Fly reamers, also known as winged reamers, are integral tools in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. Their primary function is to enlarge the pilot hole drilled by the initial drill bit, creating a borehole of the required diameter for the installation of pipelines, cables, or other utilities.


Design & Function:

Fly reamers feature a unique design with one or more wing-like extensions (flutes) that protrude from the central body. These wings, which give the tool its name, play a key role in cutting and displacing soil as the reamer is pulled through the pilot hole. Their streamlined, conical shape allows them to smoothly displace the cuttings to the side and out of the borehole, reducing the risk of blockages or cave-ins.


Depending on soil conditions, different types of cutting structures may be incorporated, including milled tooth cutters for softer formations and tungsten carbide inserts for harder, more abrasive ground conditions.


Technical Parameters:

The technical parameters of fly reamers depend on the specific requirements of the drilling project. These can include the diameter of the reamer, which should be selected based on the diameter of the product to be installed, and the size and type of cutters, which should be chosen according to the ground conditions.


It's also important to consider the connection thread size, which must be compatible with the drill rods and other components of the drilling assembly. Lastly, the design of the wings or flutes should be chosen based on the specific requirements of the borehole, such as the need for fluid circulation or spoil displacement.


We're delighted to offer a broad range of fly reamers compatible with numerous Vermeer and Ditch Witch HDD models:


Vermeer models:


D23x40: Our fly reamers for the versatile Vermeer D23x40 model are designed for a wide range of utility installations, ensuring precise, efficient reaming operations in a variety of soil conditions.

D36x50: For the more robust Vermeer D36x50 model, designed for demanding drilling projects, we provide fly reamers that can endure high power and torque. These reamers ensure smooth, efficient reaming operations, even in tough ground conditions.

D24x40: We also offer fly reamers for the Vermeer D24x40 model, designed to deliver efficient and controlled reaming in various ground conditions.

Ditch Witch models:


JT2020: For the compact, yet powerful, Ditch Witch JT2020, our fly reamers are designed to ensure efficient reaming operations in tight spaces like urban areas.

JT3020: Our fly reamers for the larger and tougher Ditch Witch JT3020 are engineered to handle increased power and torque, ensuring smooth reaming operations even in challenging drilling conditions.

JT4020: We offer robust fly reamers for the high-capacity Ditch Witch JT4020. These reamers facilitate efficient reaming operations for significant, long-distance, or challenging drilling projects.

JT100: Our fly reamers for the Ditch Witch JT100, one of the largest and most powerful models, are designed for substantial rock-drilling operations, ensuring efficient reaming in even the most demanding tasks.

Selecting the appropriate fly reamer is crucial for the efficiency and success of your drilling operation. We're here to help guide you through that selection process based on your specific drill model and project requirements. Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications or consult with our knowledgeable staff when selecting your drilling equipment and components.


Company supplies different fly cutters suitable for JT2020, JT3020, JT4020, JT920, AT100, Vermeer parts for Vermeer D24, Vermeer D36:


Fly cutter 250mm 2 3/8R box/box

Fly cutter 250mm with 8t  2 3/8R

Fly cutter 250mm with 12t  2 3/8R 

Fly cutter 300mm 2 3/8R box/box

Fly cutter 300mm with 8t 2 3/8R

Fly cutter 300mm with 12t 2 3/8R

Fly cutter 350mm 2 7/8R box/box 

Fly cutter 350mm with 8t 2 7/8R 

Fly cutter 350mm with 12t 2 7/8R  

Fly cutter 400mm 2 7/8R box/box 

Fly cutter 400mm with 12t 2 7/8R

Fly cutter 400mm with 18t 2 7/8R

Fly cutter 400mm with 24t 2 7/8R

Fly cutter 450mm 2 7/8R box/box 

Fly cutter 450mm with 12t 2 7/8R 

Fly cutter 450mm with 18t 2 7/8R 

Fly cutter 450mm with 24t 2 7/8R

Fly cutter 500mm 2 7/8R box/box 

Fly cutter 500mm with 18t 2 7/8R 

Fly cutter 500mm with 24t 2 7/8R 

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