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Repair kits for swivels

Repair kits for swivels

Our company provides a comprehensive range of repair kits for swivels, designed to ensure your drilling operations remain uninterrupted and efficient. Each repair kit is meticulously crafted to match the specific size and load capacity of its respective swivel, ensuring seamless compatibility and functionality.


Here's an overview of our selection of swivel repair kits:


5t Swivel Repair Set (OD 88mm): This repair kit is designed specifically for our 5t swivel, ensuring it can continue to perform optimally even after extensive use.


8t Swivel Repair Set (OD 104mm): Tailored for our 8t swivel, this kit provides all the necessary parts for maintaining optimal performance and longevity.


12t Swivel Repair Set (OD 122mm): This repair kit is dedicated to our 12t swivel, providing all the required components to keep your swivel operating at peak efficiency.


18t Swivel Repair Set (OD 134mm): Designed for our 18t swivel, this repair set ensures your high-capacity swivel maintains top performance throughout its lifespan.


24t Swivel Repair Set (OD 155mm): This repair kit, built specifically for our 24t swivel, offers everything you need to keep your swivel operating at its best.


30t Swivel Repair Set (OD 170mm): Designed for the 30t swivel, this repair kit delivers all the necessary components to extend the swivel's life and maintain its high performance.


36t Swivel Repair Set (OD 180mm): Tailored to fit our 36t swivel, this repair set provides all the necessary parts for ensuring long-lasting, optimal performance.


50t Swivel Repair Set: This comprehensive repair kit is designed for our most robust 50t swivel, providing all the necessary components to maintain the swivel's superior performance and longevity.


Ensure the longevity and high performance of your swivels with our dedicated repair sets. Each kit comes with all the necessary components for keeping your swivel in optimal condition, ensuring your operations never suffer from unexpected downtime. Explore our selection today and find the ideal solution for your maintenance needs.

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