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Saver subs

Saver subs

Saver subs, sometimes referred to as crossover subs or drill saver subs, are an indispensable part of any horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operation. As a vital intermediary between the drill pipe and the drill head, these subs bear the brunt of the stress, wear, and tear experienced during drilling operations. By doing so, they help to extend the lifespan of the drill pipe, thus ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the drilling operation.


We are proud to offer saver subs compatible with a variety of Vermeer and Ditch Witch HDD models.


Vermeer models:


D23x40: Our saver subs for the Vermeer D23/40, a versatile medium-range drill unit, are designed to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of utility installations. These subs ensure the longevity and efficiency of the drilling operation, making them essential for projects in urban and residential areas.

D36x50: The Vermeer D36/50 is a more powerful model, designed for complex and demanding drilling projects. The saver subs we offer for this model are robust and capable of withstanding the increased power and torque, helping to minimize wear on the drill pipe and maximize operational efficiency.

D24x40: We also provide saver subs for the D24/40 model, similar to the D23/40 but with unique specifications. Our saver subs enhance the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of both small and large-scale projects undertaken with this model.

Ditch Witch models:


JT2020: For the compact yet powerful Ditch Witch JT2020, we offer saver subs that are perfect for a range of utility installations, particularly in tighter spaces such as urban areas. These subs help to maintain high performance levels, ensuring the longevity and cost-efficiency of the drill pipes.

JT3020: Our saver subs for the Ditch Witch JT3020, designed for larger and tougher directional drilling projects, are engineered to handle the demands of the increased power and torque. They help to protect the drill pipe, maintaining operational efficiency even in challenging drilling conditions.

JT4020: For the high-capacity Ditch Witch JT4020, we offer robust saver subs designed to withstand the pressures of significant, long-distance, or challenging drilling operations. These subs help ensure that despite the high power and torque, the drill pipes remain protected and operational efficiency is maintained.

JT100: Our saver subs for the Ditch Witch JT100, among the largest and most powerful models, are essential for ensuring the sustainability of major rock-drilling operations. Despite the challenging tasks, our subs protect the drill pipes, maintaining high levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Remember, choosing the appropriate saver sub is essential and depends on the specific drill pipe connection, drill head used, and unique requirements of the drilling operation. We're here to help ensure you select the right components for your drilling needs. Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications or consult with our knowledgeable staff when selecting your drilling equipment and components.


We produce the following saver subs for Ditch Witch and Vermeer:


Saver sub D7/11 S1 #200 body 135mm 

Saver sub D10x15  body 200mm

Saver sub D9/13 S2 #250 - #200 body 200mm 

Saver sub D16 S1 #250 body 95mm 

Saver sub D16 S1 #250 body 160mm 

Saver sub D16 S2 #600 - #250 body 260mm 

Saver sub D20 #400 body 160mm 

Saver sub D20 S2 #600 - #400 body 260mm 

Saver sub D24/40 S1  #600 body 180mm 

Saver sub D24/40 S2  #600 body 240mm 

Saver sub D33/44 FS2 #602 body 215mm 

Saver sub D36/50 FS1 #650  body 200mm 

Saver sub D36/50 S2 FS1  #700 body 215mm 

Saver sub D50/100 #800 body 180mm


Saver sub JT3020M1 body 350mm 

Saver sub JT2720M1 body 314mm 

Saver sub JT4020M1 body 200mm 

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