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Starter rods for Ditch Witch

Starter rods for Ditch Witch

Starter rods, sometimes known as starter drill pipes or lead rods, are essential components in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. They serve as the initial piece of the drill string assembly that connects directly to the drilling rig and are the first rods that enter the ground when drilling begins. They typically have a built-in bend near the drill bit to facilitate the necessary change in direction for the drill.


We are pleased to provide a range of starter rods that are compatible with various models of Vermeer and Ditch Witch HDD machines.


Vermeer models:


D23x40: For the Vermeer D23x40, a versatile drill unit for a wide range of utility installations, our starter rods are designed to ensure efficient and accurate drilling, helping to get your projects off to a solid start in both urban and residential areas.

D36x50: The Vermeer D36x50, designed for more demanding drilling projects, requires starter rods that can withstand increased power and torque. Our starter rods for this model are robust and durable, ensuring precision and reliability from the start of your drilling operation.

D24x40: We also supply starter rods for the D24x40 model, which, like the D23/40, is versatile but comes with its own unique specifications. Our starter rods are designed to offer reliable, efficient starts to both small and large-scale projects undertaken with this model.


Ditch Witch models:


JT2020: For the compact, yet powerful, Ditch Witch JT2020, our starter rods are perfect for a range of utility installations. Designed for tight spaces such as urban areas, these rods help to maintain high performance levels, ensuring a solid and reliable start to your drilling operations.

JT3020: Our starter rods for the larger and more demanding Ditch Witch JT3020 are engineered to withstand increased power and torque. They provide a strong and accurate start to your drilling operations, even in challenging conditions.

JT4020: We offer robust starter rods for the high-capacity Ditch Witch JT4020. These rods are designed to provide reliable, efficient starts to significant, long-distance, or challenging drilling operations.

JT100: Our starter rods for the Ditch Witch JT100, one of the largest and most powerful models, are crucial for ensuring the successful launch of major rock-drilling operations. Despite the challenging tasks, our starter rods ensure precision and efficiency from the outset.

Choosing the appropriate starter rod is a critical step in ensuring the efficiency and success of your drilling operation. We're here to help guide you through that selection process based on your specific drill model and project requirements. Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications or consult with our knowledgeable staff when selecting your drilling equipment and components.


We produce the following starter rods for Ditch Witch:


Starter rod JT9 Hawk 275 

Starter rod JT20 Hawk 350 

Starter rod JT30 Hawk 390 

Starter rod AT30 Hawk 390 


Starter rod JT520 (1.21M with 1.31M EZ2) 

Starter rod JT5 (1.10M with 1.31M EZ2) 

Starter rod JT922M1 

Starter rod JT922M1-D7#200 pin 

Starter rod JT920 

Starter rod JT1220M1 (1.47M with 1.88M EZ3) 

Starter rod JT1720M1 (1.69M with 2.0M EZ2) 

Starter rod JT2020M1 (1.94-4) 

Starter rod JT2720M1 (2.11M with 2.25M EZ2) 

Starter rod JT3020M1 960mm (2.11M with 2.25M EZ3) 

Starter rod JT3020M1 1155mm (2.11M with 2.25M EZ3) 

Starter rod JT4020M1  1155mm (2.59M with 2.63M EZ2) 

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