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Starter rods for Vermeer

Starter rods for Vermeer

Starter rods are crucial components in any horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operation. They are the first rod in the drilling sequence and often come equipped with a built-in bend near the drill bit, enabling the change of direction necessary during drilling. These rods connect directly to the drilling rig and are instrumental in initiating drilling operations with precision and control.


We're excited to provide an assortment of starter rods that are compatible with a variety of Vermeer and Ditch Witch HDD machines:


Vermeer models:


D23x40: Our starter rods for the Vermeer D23x40, a versatile medium-range drill unit, are constructed to meet a wide range of utility installations. They offer the necessary strength and flexibility to handle urban and residential projects efficiently, ensuring a successful start to your drilling operations.

D36x50: For the more robust Vermeer D36x50, designed for larger and more demanding drilling projects, we provide starter rods that are designed to withstand higher power and torque. Our starter rods ensure a solid start to your projects, ensuring a seamless drilling operation.

D24x40: We offer starter rods for the Vermeer D24x40 model, another versatile model with distinct specifications. Our starter rods are tailored to provide reliable and efficient starts for projects of varying scales with this model, setting the foundation for successful drilling operations.

Ditch Witch models:


JT2020: For the compact and powerful Ditch Witch JT2020, we provide starter rods that accommodate a wide range of utility installations. Particularly suited for tighter spaces like urban areas, these rods ensure high performance levels, facilitating a strong start to your drilling operations.

JT3020: Our starter rods for the Ditch Witch JT3020, a model designed for larger and tougher directional drilling projects, are engineered to withstand the demands of increased power and torque. They offer a robust and accurate start to your drilling operations, maintaining performance even in challenging drilling conditions.

JT4020: For the high-capacity Ditch Witch JT4020, designed for significant, long-distance, or challenging drilling operations, we provide robust starter rods. They ensure a reliable and efficient start, upholding operational efficiency from the get-go.

JT100: Our starter rods for the Ditch Witch JT100, among the largest and most powerful models, are essential for ensuring a successful initiation to substantial rock-drilling operations. Despite the demanding tasks, our starter rods offer the necessary precision and efficiency from the outset.

When selecting a starter rod, it's crucial to consider the specifics of the drilling operation, including the drill model used and the project requirements. We're here to help you make that choice. Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications or consult with our knowledgeable staff when selecting your drilling equipment and components.


We produce the following starter rods for Vermeer:


Starter rod D7 #200 - 1,625 LPT 

Starter rod D16 #250 - 1,625 LPT 

Starter rod D16 #250 - 2,125 LPT 

Starter rod D20 #400 - 2,125 LPT 

Starter rod D24 #600 - 2,125 LPT 

Starter rod D36 #650 - 2,125 LPT

Starter rod D33 FS2 #602 - 2,125 LPT 

Starter rod D36II #700 - 2.125 LPT


Starter rod D7 #200 - QF#300

Starter rod D16 #250 - QF#400 

Starter rod D20 #400 - QF#400 

Starter rod D24#600 - QF#400 

Starter rod D36 #650 - QF#400 

Starter rod D33 FS2 #602 - QF#400 

Starter rod D24 #600 - QF#460 

Starter rod D36 #650 - QF#460 

Starter rod D33 FS2 #602 - QF#460 

Starter rod  D36S2 #700 box - QF#460

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