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Steering plate sand bit for Ditch Witch

Steering plate sand bit for Ditch Witch

Steering plate sand bits are pivotal components in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations, especially when dealing with sandy soil conditions. These specialized drill bits are designed to provide precise steering and stable bore path in loose and shifting sand formations that can pose challenges for traditional drill bits.


Our steering plate sand bits are manufactured from high-grade 1.7225 quenched and tempered steel. This specific type of steel is chosen for its remarkable strength, toughness, and wear resistance - crucial characteristics for drill bits operating in harsh drilling conditions. The process of quenching and tempering gives the steel enhanced durability and resistance to the abrasive nature of sandy soils, ensuring the longevity of the drill bit and minimizing downtime due to bit failure.


Technically, the design of the steering plate sand bit is optimized for efficient cutting and removal of sandy soil. The bit's cutting structure and geometry ensure maximum contact with the soil, allowing for efficient and controlled drilling. The steering plate contributes to the bit's directional responsiveness, allowing for precise control of the bore path.


We are proud to supply a range of directional drill parts compatible with various Ditch Witch and Vermeer HDD models. Our production lead time is typically 1-2 weeks from the time an order is placed, ensuring you have the parts you need with minimal delay. Our catalog includes parts for the Ditch Witch JT2020, JT3020, JT4020, JT920, AT100, and Vermeer D24, D36 models, among others.


In addition to new parts, we also occasionally stock used directional drills and other Ditch Witch used parts. These pre-owned parts provide an economical alternative for operators working within a tight budget, while still ensuring quality performance.


Whether you're sourcing parts for routine maintenance, urgent repairs, or upgrading your existing equipment, we're here to help. Our experienced team can assist you in selecting the appropriate parts for your specific drill model and project requirements, ensuring you achieve optimal performance from your HDD operations. Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications or consult with us when selecting your drilling equipment and components.

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