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Pullers (swivels)

Pullers (swivels)

Our company offers an extensive array of high-quality pullers (swivels), each carefully engineered to cater to a variety of load capacities. Featuring precise dimensions and robust construction, our pullers ensure seamless drilling operations under different operating conditions.


Here's a brief overview of our pullers:


5t Puller (OD 69mm, ED 22mm): This 5t puller, with an outer diameter (OD) of 69mm and eye diameter (ED) of 22mm, is designed for lighter drilling operations. We also offer an additional model that includes a bolt for the steering plate.


8t Puller (OD 89mm, ED 24mm): With an OD of 89mm and an ED of 24mm, this 8t puller delivers reliable performance for a range of drilling applications.


12t Puller (OD 98mm, ED 27mm): This puller can handle a 12-tonne load, featuring an OD of 98mm and an ED of 27mm, ideal for mid-range drilling operations.


18t Puller (OD 108mm, ED 27mm): Designed for heavier drilling tasks, this 18t puller boasts an OD of 108mm and an ED of 27mm.


24t Puller (OD 138mm, ED 35mm): This puller has an impressive load capacity of 24 tonnes and features an OD of 138mm and an ED of 35mm, ensuring reliable performance for demanding drilling operations.


30t Puller (OD 146mm, ED 40mm): Our 30t puller, with an OD of 146mm and an ED of 40mm, is designed for high-capacity drilling tasks, providing outstanding strength and durability.


36t Puller (OD 156mm, ED 51mm): With a substantial 36-tonne load capacity, this puller features an OD of 156mm and an ED of 51mm, guaranteeing superior performance for intensive drilling applications.


50t Puller Tab/Fork: Our most robust puller, this model is capable of handling a massive 50-tonne load. Designed for extreme drilling operations, it offers unparalleled strength and reliability.


Whether you're handling light or heavy-duty drilling operations, our wide range of pullers delivers the strength, durability, and performance you need. Explore our selection today to find the perfect match for your drilling requirements.

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