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Adapters EZ

Adapters EZ

EZ adapters are indispensable for any drilling operation, serving as the crucial link that connects different components of your drilling equipment. They ensure a smooth and effective transmission of torque from the drill rig to the drill string and make your drilling process more efficient and less time-consuming.


Our company specializes in providing an array of top-tier EZ adapters for Ditch Witch and Vermeer equipment. Let's take a look at a few of the options we offer:


Adapter EZ 1.625LPT - 2IF: Ideal for use with 1.625LPT equipment, this adapter ensures a smooth transition to a 2IF connection.


Adapter EZ 2,125 LPT - 2 3/8R: Perfectly designed for 2.125LPT drilling models, this adapter will provide a seamless fit with 2 3/8R attachments.


Adapter EZ QF#300 - 2 3/8R: Custom-built for the QF#300 drilling model, enabling a secure and robust connection to a 2 3/8R drill string.


And our range extends to more specific and unique offerings:


Adapter EZ JT20 Hawk 350 - 2 7/8R: Particularly designed for the JT20 Hawk 350 drilling model, offering a seamless transition to a 2 7/8R drill string.


Adapter EZ 2.63-6 EZ2 box - 3 1/2R: A larger EZ adapter, meticulously designed for 2.63-6 EZ2 box drilling models, facilitating a secure fit with a 3 1/2R drill string.



Every one of our EZ adapters is designed with the highest level of precision and expertise. They serve as an essential part of your drilling equipment, ensuring a perfect fit between different parts, leading to a more efficient drilling process. So, explore our wide range of EZ adapters today to find the right fit for your drilling needs.

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