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Vermeer D24x40 parts

Parts for Vermeer D24x40 horizontal directional drilling

Geo Institute Presents: Excellence in Drilling with


Dive into the world of drilling with Geo Institute, where we harmonize expertise with quality. Focusing on the powerful Vermeer D24x40, we, under our distinguished brand, offer an array of premium Vermeer parts designed to optimize and elevate your drilling operations. While we specialize in Vermeer, our diverse range also encompasses Ditch Witch parts, providing a holistic solution for every drilling enthusiast.


Vermeer D24x40: The Jewel of Horizontal Drilling


The Vermeer D24x40 stands as a testament to Vermeer's dedication to engineering brilliance. As one of the prime choices in horizontal drills, it promises unmatched efficiency. At, our curated collection of drill parts ensures that your D24x40 always performs at its peak potential.


Drag Bits & Drill Heads: Synonymous with Accuracy


Precision is paramount in drilling, and with our exceptional drag bits and drill heads, your Vermeer D24x40 achieves just that. Whether you're transitioning from a Ditch Witch JT3020 or upgrading within the Vermeer range to D36x50, our parts guarantee seamless integration and impeccable performance.


Boring Tools: Crafting Excellence Below the Surface


A successful horizontal directional drill operation is contingent upon the quality of boring tools employed. With our offerings at, dive deeper with confidence, knowing each tool is crafted for optimal performance, be it for Ditch Witch or Vermeer.


Geo Institute's Commitment: Genuine Vermeer & Ditch Witch Parts


Navigating the intricate landscape of drilling requires genuine parts. Our inventory at is stocked with authentic Vermeer parts and Ditch Witch parts, ensuring your equipment, from the robust JT4020 to the dynamic Vermeer D36x50, receives the best companionship of parts.


Why Partner with Geo Institute and


Extensive Catalogue: Our selection, from the iconic D24x40 to the powerful JT2020, is designed to cater to diverse drilling demands.

Quality Assurance: The brand is synonymous with unparalleled quality, durability, and precision.

Industry Wisdom: Years of immersion in the horizontal drill domain allows us to provide insights and solutions that are both innovative and practical.

Reach out to Geo Institute today and explore the premium offerings of Together, let's redefine drilling standards and achieve excellence at every turn.

Vermeer directional drill parts for D24x40, D36x50, D50x100 machines:

Steering plate D24 sand bit 115mm

Steering plate D24 with 20mm teeth 115mm

Steering plate D24 steep taper tuff 115mm

Steering plate D24 tuff bit 115mm

Saver sub D24/40 S1 #600 body 180mm 
Saver sub D24/40 S2 #600 body 240mm

Starter rod D24 #600 - 2,125 LPT

Starter rod D24#600 - QF#400

Starter rod D24 #600 - QF#460

Drive chuck D24  #600 

Beacon housing 2 3/8 REG box (OD 80mm) D20 DCI

Trihawk housing 2 3/8 REG box - box (OD 80mm) DCI

Trihawk head I 2 3/8R pin 
Trihawk head II D20 2 3/8R pin 
Trihawk head V 2 3/8R pin 
Trihawk head 2 3/8R replacement cutter

Vermeer D24x40 Parts: Precision Engineered for Performance

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