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Kodiak reamer 200-500 mm diameter with swivel

Kodiak reamer 200-500 mm diameter with swivel

The Kodiak Reamer stands out as an outstanding choice for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications, owing to its unique and versatile characteristics. This reamer is engineered with a swivel (stacked) design, which allows for an efficient transfer of power from the drill to the reamer, enhancing performance and minimizing mechanical strain on the drilling assembly.


The Kodiak Reamer offers a considerable diameter range of 200-500 mm, ensuring versatility in various drilling contexts. Whether your HDD project involves creating small conduits for telecommunications or larger channels for utilities, the Kodiak Reamer provides the flexibility needed to cater to different drilling sizes and demands.


This reamer is specifically tailored for compatibility with leading drilling models, including Ditch Witch's JT922, JT2020, JT3020, JT4020, and Vermeer's D24x40, D36x50, and D50x100. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with these popular drilling systems, thereby optimizing drilling performance and enhancing productivity.


Fabricated from high-strength Hardox steel, a renowned wear-resistant material, our Kodiak Reamers showcase robust durability and wear-resistance. Hardox steel provides high yield strength, exceptional hardness, and resistance to abrasion, all necessary attributes for a drilling accessory that is consistently exposed to demanding conditions and abrasive materials.


Our Kodiak Reamers are constructed under stringent quality control measures to guarantee reliability and efficacy in all drilling operations. These standards ensure that each reamer produced is capable of withstanding the stresses and demands inherent to HDD applications, providing longevity and reliable performance.


Incorporating our Kodiak Reamer into your HDD operations can elevate your drilling outcomes, bringing higher productivity, lower downtime, and improved operational efficiency. Trust our Kodiak Reamer to handle your HDD needs and help your projects reach new heights of success.

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