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Steering plate with carbide inserts for Vermeer

Steering plate with carbide inserts for Vermeer

The steering plate with carbide inserts for Vermeer drilling equipment is a critical component in the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) process. This tool is manufactured from 1.7225 quenched and tempered steel, a high-strength alloy steel known for its excellent toughness and hardening properties. The incorporation of this steel variant ensures high durability and resistance to wear and tear, even under demanding drilling conditions.


The steering plate is fitted with carbide inserts. These inserts are made from tungsten carbide, a composite material that combines the high-temperature resistance of tungsten and the hardness of carbon. The carbide inserts provide the steering plate with excellent cutting and abrasive resistance capabilities, which allows for accurate and efficient steering in the drilling process. The plates are designed to withstand the high torque forces of drilling while maintaining excellent directional control.


Our manufacturing process offers various Ditch Witch directional drill parts, tailored to fit a variety of models including JT2020, JT3020, JT4020, JT920, and AT100. These parts are crafted using a similar methodology, ensuring the same level of quality and durability. All parts are available within 1-2 weeks from the time the order is placed, ensuring timely delivery to maintain drilling operations.


In addition to this, we also produce different parts for Vermeer directional drills, specifically designed to fit models such as Vermeer D24 and Vermeer D36. These parts, like the steering plate with carbide inserts, are designed to uphold the high performance and durability expectations inherent to Vermeer equipment.


Occasionally, we also have in stock used directional drills and other Ditch Witch used parts. These used parts undergo a thorough inspection and refurbishment process to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and reliability.


Whether new or used, all our drill parts are designed and manufactured to provide excellent performance, prolong the equipment lifespan, and deliver a high return on investment in all HDD operations.

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