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Swivels weld in

Swivels weld in

Our company is proud to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality pullers (swivels), designed to facilitate a variety of drilling operations. Built for durability and efficiency, our swivels are engineered to seamlessly handle various weight capacities, ensuring robust performance under different operating conditions.


Here's an overview of our robust selection of pullers:


5t Weld in Swivel: This lightweight swivel is designed to handle up to 5 tonnes of load, making it an ideal choice for less intensive drilling operations.


8t Weld in Swivel: With an 8-tonne capacity, this swivel offers a great blend of compactness and strength, capable of facilitating a range of drilling applications.


12t Weld in Swivel: This mid-range swivel, with a 12-tonne load capacity, brings more power to your drilling operations without compromising on durability.


18t Weld in Swivel: The 18-tonne swivel is designed for more demanding drilling tasks, providing excellent performance even under higher loads.


24t Weld in Swivel: With its 24-tonne load capacity, this swivel provides a balance between robustness and agility, making it suitable for a variety of challenging drilling operations.


30t Weld in Swivel: This heavy-duty swivel can handle up to 30 tonnes of load, offering enhanced efficiency for high-capacity drilling tasks.


36t Weld in Swivel: Designed to withstand an impressive 36 tonnes of load, this swivel guarantees superior performance and durability even in the most intensive drilling applications.


50t Weld in Swivel: Our most robust swivel, the 50-tonne model, is designed for extreme drilling operations, offering unmatched strength and durability.


Discover the optimal balance between power and efficiency with our extensive range of weld-in swivels. Each model is designed to deliver superior performance, ensuring the highest industry standards are met and surpassed. Explore our collection today and find the perfect solution for your drilling needs.

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