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Rotary drag bits for aggressive drilling

Rotary drag bits for aggressive drilling

Our company is proud to offer a broad selection of top-tier drag bits, designed specifically for vertical water well and geothermal drilling. Our vertical drag bits are meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance, long-lasting durability, and exceptional drilling accuracy, even under aggressive drilling conditions.


Here's a glimpse of our robust line-up of vertical drag bits for aggressive drilling:


Vertical Drag Bit 120mm 3 Wing 2 3/8R: Designed for efficient drilling, this 3-wing 120mm bit with a 2 3/8R tool joint is a reliable choice for various drilling operations.


Vertical Drag Bit 140mm 3 Wing 2 3/8R: This 140mm, 3-wing bit with a 2 3/8R tool joint is engineered for efficient and effective drilling performance.


Vertical Drag Bit 150mm 3 Wing: We offer 150mm, 3-wing drag bits with tool joints of different sizes - 2 3/8R, 2 7/8R, and 3 1/2R, ensuring suitability for a range of drilling needs.


Vertical Drag Bit 170mm: This category includes a 3-wing bit with a 2 3/8R tool joint and a 4-wing bit with a 3 1/2R tool joint. Both models are designed for high-performance drilling in challenging conditions.


Vertical Drag Bit 200mm 5 Wing 4 1/2R: This 200mm, 5-wing bit with a 4 1/2R tool joint offers superior performance and high durability for more aggressive drilling applications.


Vertical Drag Bit 220mm 5 Wing 4 1/2R: With a 220mm diameter, 5 wings, and a 4 1/2R tool joint, this bit delivers excellent drilling efficiency and longevity.


Vertical Drag Bit 300mm and 320mm 5 Wing 4 1/2R: These large diameter drag bits, 300mm and 320mm, are equipped with 5 wings and a 4 1/2R tool joint. They are designed for heavy-duty, aggressive drilling operations, providing exceptional durability and high performance.


Whether you're handling water well drilling or geothermal drilling, our vertical drag bits deliver the precision and reliability your operations need. Explore our collection today and discover the difference in performance and durability.

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